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December 21 - January 19

Capricorn - Capricornus is a Latin compound of "she-goat" (capra) and "horn" (cornus), which translates the original Greek Aegocerus, "goat-horned."

Capricorn is generally an upholder of tradition. Capricorn is usually interested in the welfare of the community. Capricorn has a noble ambition and an extraordinary power of adaptability. Once in a while Capricorn becomes too ambitious in the wealth department.

Capricorn is a bit of a flirt. When it comes to marriage Capricorn looks for a "suitable" marriage and it is usually successful.



Color:Dark Green & Dark Blue



Celebrities born under the sign Capricorn:


Mohammad Ali

Steve Allen

Joan of Arc

Isaac Asimov

Benjamin Franklin

Humphrey Bogart

Faye Dunaway

Ava Gardner

Mary Tyler Moore

Richard Nixon

Martin Luther King

J R R Tolkien


Gemstones for Capricon: Goldstone, Malachite, Smokey quartz


GOLDSTONE Medium brown with slight coppery glitter. Goldstone is a man-made stone originally created when alchemists were working towards creating gold. A transmitter stone which causes light to pass through you in order to convey or receive as a medium. Aims to be a revitalizing, energizing stone, encouraging a positive attitude and individualism. Intellectually calming and refreshing. Mildly helpful to Solar plexus Chakra to reduce stomach tension, protect center of body.


MALACHITE Brings harmony into one's life and attracts money. Malachite was considered a valuable talisman for children and it was thought to protect the wearer from falls and warned them of impending danger by breaking into several pieces. This stone is a deeply cleansing emotional body stone and is used to release negative/painful emotions, protects against psychic attacks and others negativity. It absorbs this negativity and should be cleansed after each session. It can bring things out that are buried within someone. Malachite is also about change, and it is a great stone for those who do not like change in their lives, because it allows for an easy transition to take place. It relieves any congestion in the body and helps with confusion and lack of purpose and insecurity. It is helpful in the treatment of rheumatism, immune, and also in regularizing menstruation. Used in the treatment of asthma, toothache. Improves eyesight an immune system. 



SMOKEY QUARTZ  Fosters serenity, calmness, positive thoughts, calms fears, lifts depression. Also associated with stability, practicality, intuition, pride, joy and a realistic, grounded spirituality. Helps us turn our wishes, dreams and desires into reality. Good luck talisman. Improves creativity and enhances joy. Teaches us to simplify our lives and always to live in a sacred manner. Stimulates and purifies energy centers. Grounds and stabilizes energies, helps lift depression and fatigue. Smokey quartz disperses negative patterns and vibrations, and transmits a high quantity of light. Benefits reproductive organs, muscles, heart and nervous system. Improves abdomen, kidneys, pancreas and the sexual organs. Increases energy fertility. Encourages survival instincts, and therefore protects soldiers on active service.