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January 20 - February 18

Aquarius - called by the Greeks Hydrochoos, "the Water-Pourer." "Aquarius" is a Latin translation of the Greek name.

Aquarius is open-minded and usually holds no prejudices. Aquarius is serene and friendly. Aquarius will listen and learn from anyone to find the truth. Aquarius has so many interests that there are times his energy is spread too thin.

Aquarius makes a sincere friend. Marriage for Aquarius may take longer as he does not open up easily.


Day: Wednesday

Color: Sky blue

Metal: Uranium


Celebrities born under the sign Aquarius:


Mikhail Baryshnikov

Lord Byron

Charles Darwin

Charles Dickens

Clark Gable

Abraham Lincoln

Norman Mailer

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Paul Newman

Jack Nicklaus

Babe Ruth

Ronald Reagan

Burt Reynolds

James Dean

Mia Farrow

Virginia Woolf


Gemstones for Aquarius: Amethyst, Fluorite, Garnet, Moonstone


AMETHYST One of the most brilliant and attractive stones, Amethyst ranges in color from deep purple to lavender. It is an extremely powerful and protective stone with vast cleansing and balancing properties.  Enhances spiritual awareness. It calms or stimulates the mind as appropriate. Can relieve insomnia especially when the cause is an overactive mind. Promotes emotional centering and dispels anger, rage, fear, anxiety. Alleviates sadness and grief and helps one come to terms with loss. Relieves physical, emotional or psychological pain or stress. Transmutes negative energies.


FLUORITE  Associated with enlightenment and healing on all the three planes - spiritual, mental and emotional. Diminishes stress and aids in spiritual awakening. Cleanses, balances and focuses energies on all levels of chakras. Grounds and protects aura from leakage of energy. On the physical body, it heals ailments of bones. Alleviates arthritis, strengthens bone tissue especially teeth enamel and relieves dental disease. Repairs DNA damage, regenerates skin and mucus membranes thus can help remove wrinkles and blemishes. Ancient cure for cancer and has been used for shingles. Also responds well to hormonal balance and hormonal changes like PMS, menopause. Arouses sexual energy. Quickens healing from pneumonia and viral inflammation.


GARNET Garnet is associated with vitality, courage, passion, love, sensuality and self-confidence. Blesses its wearer with good health, victory over enemies and wealth. It has been known to bring about as much windfall in material wealth as in emotional tranquility. Makes the person knowledgeable and improves higher education and professional prospects. Alleviates depression and improves imagination. Garnet resolves all issues pertaining to abandonment and survival and therefore is a stone for making commitments last - use it to stabilize your relationships. Physically, it is used to treat disorders of the blood, heart, lungs, spine and bones. Purifies blood and helps in anemia and circulatory problems. Also boosts sexual energy and fertility

MOONSTONE One of the most beautiful stones, it exhibits a mysterious shine of the moonlight and is the sacred stone of the moon goddess. The moonstone is a symbol for fresh start in every level.Stimulates knowing, appreciation, nurturing, mothering, selflessness, sensitivity and humanitarian love - all qualities of the feminine moon goddess. Use it for problem solving and decision making and as a protective stone when you sleep with it. Assists during times of change. For physical healing, Moonstone is essential for female health. Reduces excess fluid in body and alleviates swelling due to it; most beneficial for pre-menstrual troubles as it balances hormonal and menstrual cycles of women. Best to attune its energies to phases of moon.